posined water

Dr. Susan M. Walker – Beware – Our Water is Poisoned!

Where we stand now in 2015, everyone is drinking or absorbing poisoned water. Not just the usual poisons so many health advocates have spoken of – such as fluoride, chlorine and certain heavy metals that contaminate our drinking water – no, I’m referring here to a poison far more insidious and far reaching in its implications, and unless the water you drink is home filtered by reverse osmosis, or distilled by steam, your water is likely poisoned (along with your food supply) with radioactive waste sources outside of what is considered “naturally occurring” radiation, such as radon (a TENORM).

What is alarming, is the accumulative amount of man-made radioactive waste such as tritium (a by-product of nuclear reactors, identified in municipal water reports as ‘tritiated water’ or HTO) (Biello, 2014, Scientific America). Tritium is linked to cancer, it’s radioactivity is partly water based and can in theory go anywhere in the body. What is even more alarming is that radioactive tritium is only a part of the radioactive poisons in the drinking water, but it is showing up in higher quantities, along with other radioactive isotopes.

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