Eleni Roumeliotou – Male Infertility and Cellular Phones

Infertility rates are higher than ever, as is usage of cell phones. Yet, in the scientific literature, it is widely accepted and unanimously agreed on that electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones harms male sperm in many different ways. 

We are probably living in the prime time of cellular phones; it’s practically impossible to find a person without (at least) one. Surely, mobile phone manufacturers couldn’t be happier! One thing is certain: the vast majority of the population in the world keep near their body, for the greatest part of the day and/or night, a device that constantly emits radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) at 900 MHz, to which we are inevitably (and perhaps without our consent/knowledge) exposed to. While many of us carry the phone in a purse or bag, others, especially men, carry their phone in their trousers pockets, which is really close to the reproductive organs and glands. The obvious question is “Is this healthy?” With infertility rates reaching record highs, this simple question is worth investigating.

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