Elizabeth Warren is Trying to Unite the Democratic Party, But All She’s Doing is Betraying Progressives

Elizabeth Warren is seen by many as the heart of the Democratic Party. She bridges the gap between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton supporters. Both sides have sought her endorsement and have large factions within them that want her as the Vice-President. Given the rise of the ‘Bernie Or Bust’ Movement, Clinton and her allies are looking to Warren as a means of delivering progressive votes in November. However, not even Elizabeth Warren can save the Democratic Party should Clinton win the nomination, and any attempt by her to do so will be seen as betrayal in the eyes of progressives who were already let down when she did not endorse Bernie Sanders.

Lately, Warren has been engaging all-but-certain GOP nominee Donald Trump on Twitter rather than weighing in on the issues dividing Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. This has led many to question if she is coordinating with Clinton’s campaign now that the primary is winding down. Though the campaign denies such coordination, many of Sanders’ followers have been angered by the Massachusetts Senator’s actions, feeling they’re premature.

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