Energy Stew – So many people are devoted meditators. Are you? – 01.05.18

So many people are devoted meditators. Are you? What does it take to live a meditative life? Maybe you can combine it with adventure and meditate in exotic locations. How about a cave in the Himalayas? Or maybe meditating among others turns your frequencies on the best. Ajayan Borys has taught thousands to meditate. What has he learned about our differences. How different are you?

I’m so glad to interview Ajayan again and speak with someone who understands our need to find a deeper, more peaceful state. He not only recognizes the desire to meditate successfully but he realizes the life that must go along with it.
What role does meditation play? Maybe a different role for everyone. Ajayan has developed profound understandings about life and realizes how unique each one of us is. He has great joy about him and brings that to his teachings and interviews.
Be sure to tune in to this insightful show. You can learn more about his book, “Whispers of the Himalaya“. Also, visit his website at ajayan.com.
is a profound meditator and has taught meditation most of his adult life. He thought there might be more to discover about its gifts and adventured into the Himalayas to find a cave and meditate for a number of months. He was able to have profound blissful experiences but that was only part of the teaching. The deeper he went, the more questions he discovered.
What’s the real meaning of a meditative life? What was he really accomplishing? How does it really serve us? Maybe there are limits no matter how deep you go.
Tune in to learn some profound truths about following a spiritual path and becoming enlightened. How light does it get and how much can that light do for us?