Energy Stew – Alexander Dunlop – 06.23.17

Alexander is coming back again to answer more of your questions about your cards. See below to find out which card is yours so you can call in about it.
I’ve been knowing about the qualities of the deck of 52 cards for the last 35 years and only recently have I discovered how much more deeply revealing they are about our personalities and the course our lives follow.
Fortunately, my friend Alexander Dunlop has become an expert about them and has enriched not only my knowledge but that of our listeners as he’s been on the show many times.
He’s just published a book, “Play Your Cards Right, A Sacred Guide to Life on Earth“.
We’ll be taking calls during the show from people who want to understand their cards better. To know what your birth card is, go to spiritualnutrition.org and you’ll see how to use your birth date and find out.