Energy Stew – Alexander Dunlop – 08.26.16

Learn which cards Hillary and Donald are really playing with on Energy Stew radio
We’re all born to play certain cards in the 52 card deck and they clearly denote our personalities and behaviors.
Our unique cards are based on our birth dates and are uncannily true about us.
The candidates’ cards help us understand how they’re living their lives and what we can expect from them.
I’m interviewing Alexander Dunlop, an expert about this insightful system of playing cards. He’s been on the show many times before and it’s amazing how much we can learn about ourselves and others when we apply the cards we’re born into.
He’s going to give us a detailed analysis of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton so we can see the hands they are playing.  You’ll learn so much about them and this will explain their idiosyncrasies.