Energy Stew – Alexander Dunlop – 10.07.16

Are you fulfilling your destiny?
Our lives might not be turning out the way we expected but we’re certainly still being ourselves. We can’t help but be us.
Maybe we can do a better job at being ourselves and perhaps influence the outcome that way. So, how do we become better?
I think it’s all about a deeper self-knowing. Not everyone is into self-analysis and they just keep plugging on.
It turns out there are detailed, and quite easy to follow, maps of our unique personalities. I’ve used Human Design to learn my mechanics and have delved into astrology and numerology. They’re all of great value.
In this show, I’m interviewing Alexander Dunlop, a master of the 52 card deck which he calls “The Book of Life”.  I’m a great admirer of this system and have learned to work with it through Alexander’s help.
We’ll be talking about the nature of all these tools as an amazing phenomenon that allows us to understand the character that we’ve come into this life to play out.
Tune in to find out why and how you are living our your destiny.