Energy Stew – The angels will answer hard questions about these hard times

We talk a lot about angels but how many people have had active conversations with them? Do you hear from them? Do they actively respond to you? Many people are highly intuitive but only some are oracles of the Universe. Adria Estribou is back on the show to speak with and from the angels, Ariel and Raphael, about this painful time we’re in and how best to live in it. The interest for this show is to have them respond to difficult questions about why life is so extreme these days. One of the important questions for them is to help us understand the nature and purpose of seemingly evil people. Who are they in the greater realm of the Universe? The angels will surely help us find some clarity and more than hope moving forward. It’s important to hear their messages to understand what we’re evolving through and even the eventual outcome for all of us. Tune in for some help from above.

These are compicated times when we’d all like to have higher guidance. Most people don’t know where to turn as they don’t know people like Adria Estribou, who speaks with angels. Tune into the show to hear from Adria and she’ll speak with Ariel and Raphael so they can help us understand how to live in this very difficult and complicated world. I’ll be asking them some hard questions.
You might also be interested in her recent book “Angel Insights for Unprecedented Times” about what she directly received from them.
This show will help you take stronger strides in trusting your own creations