Energy Stew – Can we blame “normal” for getting us into this mess today?

After 40 years in service as a Christian Minister, Jim Willis and his wife decided to head for the woods of S Carolina so he could spend some time “wrestling with God”. Turns out, it was a magical place and while doing some deep meditation, found himself traveling beyond his normal consciousness. His great journey has brought him into the deeper questions of life and to seek understandings about our purposes and fulfillments we’re to achieve for being here. Jim can help us to better find our way and allow the powers that are playing out give us signs that we can use. We can learn a lot more about who we are as we settle into new purposes amid new realizations. One of his recent books is, “The Quantum Akashic Field” and two others are “Lost Civilizations” and “Hidden History”.


Jim Willis is a fascinating man. He comes from a conservative background and then discovered larger worlds available through the timeless implicate Universe. For this show, Jim wants to help us understand how to better relate to the competing energies seeking our attention in this chaotic time. How do we find the right paths for ourselves and fulfill our souls tasks. Tune in to hear Jim’s wise words as he can help us see how to make this life a “mission accomplished”


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