Energy Stew – Can our souls become lost once this life is over?

So many of us understand that we are souls embodied in human life and when the life is over, the soul returns to its origin. This usually happens smoothly and we can move home to a higher dimension where many former friends and family will greet us. Not all souls have this smooth transition and many can get stuck in this dimension for many reasons. Annette Rugolo, the author of “Soul Whisperer, Releasing Lost Souls” is soul helper and attracts lost souls as they see she can create portals for them to move on to where they should have gone in the first place. She has many fascinating stories to tell about this. There are all kinds of reasons why souls get trapped here and stories about how they get found and helped.

Annette Rugolo┬áhas amazing adventures to tell us about in her work to find and help lost souls. She even attracts many of them and is also brought to many locations where souls have become trapped. She’ll also help us understand how this happens to souls in the first place.
This show can be very helpful to us on our own soul journeys and we’ll get to understand the multi-dimensional universe more deeply.
Be sure to tune in and hear about soul journeys in the afterlife.