Energy Stew – Can we trust that everything will work out in our lives? – 04.13.18

Do you Wu Wei? I bet you’d like to. It’s a form of living in full trust and moving through life without effort (force). Maybe life is working out in its own way for us and we only think we have huge hurdles on our path. Maybe the hurdles are the way and we can let them bring us wonderful results beyond our limited thinking. I call it slip-sliding through life – slipping past the illusion of what we think are hurdles but are really opportunities. So why worry? The famous Taoist philosopher Lao-tzu has taught it’s only our minds and egos that get in the way. Jason Gregory has written a wonderful book about living in the spontaneous state of natural harmony. Maybe we can really do it. I’ve been practicing this since I read his book and feel that it’s really working. So much more peace of mind!

Are we all here to be challenged and live hard to squeeze what we can out of life? Or, maybe we can live easier if we allow life to flow through us and we flow through it. What if there really is synchronicity and serendipity. Let’s see if we can watch it become clearer in our lives.
When we can learn to live in more trust, we can be in so much more peace. I’m finding it a lot of fun to be more of an observer living to my fullest and letting life unfold in wonder.
Listen to this very insightful interview with Jason and learn to enjoy your life so much more.