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Energy Stew – Deep lessons of a Navajo Medicine Man – 04.20.18

Charles Langley, the author of “Spirit Land” has dedicated years of travel with an authentic Navajo shaman/medicine man and has had many unbelievable experiences. He has witnessed a culture that lives with strange and magical phenomena that are made real by their belief systems.. It was only through observing hundreds of ailing natives who were brought back to health through techniques that are not understandable but work. Originally a lifelong journalist and editor of one of the largest newspapers in the world, he looked through very skeptical eyes to witness mysterious, positive changes in the Navajo’s health. The methods are not found among shamans of other cultures. They’re even stranger.

In this second interview with Charles, he’ll get deeper into the unusual nature of the Navajo nation. It’s a very authentic culture that is embedded in the most untraveled part of our country. Charles was given the opportunity to go on long treks with Blue Horse, the medicine man who took him in.
Even though their culture embodies scary superstitions, as a lifelong journalist he found many of their superstitions to be well-founded. It’s so interesting to understand cultural consciousness and we that can create our own realities. We don’t realize how deeply programmed we all are in the reality we observe and how limited it can make us.
He’ll describe some of the unusual phenomena he experienced in a culture that has been very secretive. Even their language is impossible to interpret which is why they were used during war time to pass along secrets that couldn’t be deciphered by decoders.
As I said, what we call superstitions are truths of their reality so one of the main functions of the medicine man has been to break curses that have been created by professional witches who are very much in demand. Miraculous recoveries have come from solving these curses.
Tune in for some very unique information about a very unique culture.