Energy Stew – Gardy Bandfield – 10.14.16

How safe and health giving is your water? – Energy Stew interview with Gardy Bandfield
Water is a big problem for most of the planet. Almost all of it is undrinkable. Scarcity and pollution are grave threats.

Municipal water is loaded with unwanted chemicals and not all bottled water is reliable. Filtration can help but it has its own drawbacks. What can we do?

There is an answer both for our individual use and to make large bodies of water safe and healthy for drinking and the environment.
Auro is an extract of minerals from vermiculite in liquid form with a mineral salt content close to twenty percent. When you add small amounts of this to your water, it purifies it and has an oxidation function. Larger amounts can be used for large bodies of water.
I’ve been using this for many years and it’s easy to travel with. When it purifies tap or bottled water, in a number of hours, you can see the contaminants in an orange mixture at the bottom of the container. It also mineralizes the water and the way it cleans the water it also cleanses your body.
Tune into this interview with Gardy Bandfield, the owner of Auro Solutions, to find out about how this water works.
We’ll also talk about some of the other amazing waters that are now available. Double Helix and APeX are 2 of them. It’s important to raise your water awareness at this time of water troubles.