Energy Stew – Garnet Schulhauser – 09.16.16

This show is another travelogue from the astral traveler, Garnet Schulhauser.
He has fascinating stories to tell as his guide, Albert, takes him to amazing places and introduces him to well known people who are now in the spirit realm.
Don’t miss any of these continuing interviews with Garnet and hear about experiences we never thought possible.
For those of us who don’t astral travel, it’s hard to imagine what it’s like or even to believe it exists.
Putting your own beliefs aside, Garnet Schulhauser’sbooks are so full of greater wisdom and possibilities that to not enjoy the ride is missing out on much wonder.
I’m in his camp and am divinely inspired by the stories he collects from his travels.  A lot of people have astral traveled and also have great experiences to bring home. Garnet is assisted by a spirit named Albert who comes for him and introduces him around the Universe.
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about his adventures and the wonderful insights he shares.
His new book is “Dance of Heavenly Bliss” and his first two were, “Dancing on a Stamp” and “Dancing Forever with Spirit“.