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Energy Stew – Have you identified the children of the fifth world?

We are in changing times and the new generations are being born to actualize them. So many children are designed for a new kind of world and are speaking the language of it. Us older folk have been bumping around and haven’t done the best job of creating a society and supporting a planet that is needed for a successful future. There really is great hope for the future as so many children are born to be different than us. They don’t speak the same language. It’s not that they’re attacking the old ways so much as they’re inventing new realities. It comes naturally to them in ways that many of us might think are unnatural. P.M.H. Atwater has written a wonderful book about these changing times and changing people. There is a different consciousness that she writes about.

PMH Atwater, the author of “Children of the Fifth World”, has recognized the changing consciousness of our time exhibited by the new realities that young people are living by. They can see that the world is not working in the old paradigms that us older folk have been living and working with. It’s not that they think of change in erasing the old but in just being true to their instinctive new senses of reality.
This is an opportunity to hear from someone who is helping to clarify the new generations and their purposes and allow us to recognize the different kinds of strengths they represent.
Tune in to learn more about the changes that are happening without our direct influence. The children of today are born for a new world.