Energy Stew – Jude Currivan – 03.30.17

Do you live in the reality of the cosmic hologram?  – Energy Stew interview with Jude Currivan
Dr. Jude Currivan is an amazing physicist who has written a wonderful book, “The Cosmic Hologram” that bridges science with consciousness.
Her book is packed with details about the physical and cosmic nature of the universe. She explains how it could never evolve without an intelligent purpose to keep expanding and refining its complexity. All form is in-form-ational and it’s constantly using this information to know and work with itself to create the magic of life as we know it.
Too many subtle choices had to be made for reality to come into existence. If it were all random, there would never be galaxies, stars or planets, let alone the sophisticated sentient life we see all around us.
It’s terrific to learn about all this from a scientist who speaks that language and also speaks the language of cosmic consciousness. Hear from her how we exist within a beautiful and pervasive hologram.
Don’t miss this very deep and rich interview with Jude and learn more about your cosmic connection with all of life.