Energy Stew – Did you know that God had a wife?

Thousands of years ago, women were highly celebrated and they had a higher authority who understood their needs. Her name was Ashera and women had a direct connection with her. Over time, men felt the need to dominate and attempted to destroy the support that women had. They were mostly successful at that and God’s wife disappeared for a long time. The underlying need for her never ended and she’s continued to reappear in different forms. The fight to repress her never ended either and most societies still restrict feminine power and sacredness. So many of us know that women carry the wisdom that can change our future and create more peaceful times. The Sacred Feminine is returning in strength but we must remember its history to help empower its rise. Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince are well studied historians and have written this wonderful book, “When God Had a Wife”. They have so much to say.

There was a time, thousands of years ago, when the sacred feminine was powerful and vibrant. Women had a goddess to worship who understood them and their special needs. This inspired them to believe in their right place in society and to help manage progress. It didn’t last and men chose to destroy signs of this sacredness and dominate society to the detriment of everyone. Even though women are finding their way back, there are still strong echoes of this patriarchal repression and society is resisting giving women their full power back. Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince’s book, “When God Had a Wife”, is important in its treatise of this long history of feminine strife and the efforts through time to maintain the sacred feminine. This is an important interview with the authors to hear their insights and become more knowledgeable about the unfolding of new feminine power that’s so needed for our future.


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