Energy Stew – ReGina Concotelli – 01.22.16

Every year, the Human Design System reveals the unique world-wide themes and characteristics we will have to deal with. There’s much detail and I’ll be talking with ReGina Concotelli, a fellow Human Design Analyst who I often compare notes with.
It’s uncanny how this system can derive so many unique insights through the placement of the planets, the wisdom of the Chinese I’Ching and a chakra template.  Most of the time, these charts are used with people’s birth dates and give an accurate rendition of the mechanics of their personalities.
ReGina and I will examine the Human Design chart for this year and it has a lot to say.  Every new year, we wait for the chart to show a particular alignment that signifies the start of the Human Design year.  This year, the date was January 22nd.