Energy Stew – Stephon Alexander – 09.02.16

Jazz has helped physicists understand the evolution of our Universe – Energy Stew interview
Physicists live with a language few can understand and even they are always seeking new formulas to understand the origin of the Universe and how it was formed once it got going.
Stephon Alexander is a theoretical physicist who has made important contributions to deeper understandings about how the Universe is unfolding and has written a very insightful book about it, “The Jazz of Physics, The Secret Link Between Music and the Structure of the Universe”.
He’s also a very active jazz musician and writes about the profound insights he has gained by bringing both fields together.
Here’s a quote from The New York Times – 

Dr. Alexander ventures far out onto the cutting edge of modern cosmology, presenting a compelling case for vibration and resonance being at the heart of the physical structure we find around us, from the smallest particle of matter to the largest clusters of galaxies.”
This interview will dive into how the Universe was formed (including before the big bang) and even where time and life are leading us to. Who would have thought jazz would represent the science of evolution?