Energy Stew – How well can you trust synchronicity?

Stephen G. Post, as a young man, had many repetitive dreams about seeing another young man hanging over a ledge and the dream told him “If you save him, you too will be saved”. There was also a blue angel who appeared in these dreams. His life became colored by this dream and instead of following his plans for college, he headed off into the unknown starting on Route 80. All kinds of synchronities developed to bring him onto the Golden Gate Bridge at night to find this young man hanging over the ledge and was able to save him. The synchronicities didn’t stop and he became strongly directed to a spiritual life as a minister and now teaches at the Stony Brook Medical School as a Doctor of Divinity. His book, “God and Love on Route 80” is a fascinating story of his adventures that had a life of their own.

Stephen G. Post has had a fascinating life driven by a spiritual vision and the willingness to follow it in very daring ways. His book, “God and Love on Route 80”, is a recounting of the many times synchronicity showed up in surprising ways that led him from one opportunity to another. Tune in to hear about an amazing life venture and how we can all appreciate how synchroniicities are always at play in our lives..


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