To everyone calling Kim Kardashian a bad role model, ​you’re not exactly Gandhi yourself

Yes, down with Kim! This was certainly the consensus among the commentariat, and by commentariat I mean specifically rightwing female columnists with terrifying byline photos. Now, as all readers of this column surely appreciate, anything that is written next to a terrifying photo byline of a female columnist is, by nature, the word of God. So it somewhat flummoxes me to question such words written by others. I fear this may be the columnist equivalent of crossing the streams, and yes, that is the second Ghostbusters reference in as many weeks, you’re welcome.

As I’m sure you all already know, last week Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint and robbed of millions of pounds worth of jewellery while she pleaded for her life. What a horrible story, I’m sure you’re all thinking. Poor woman, you’re doubtless saying. I hope she’s OK, we’re all hoping. Or, perhaps, not.

“How much do I hate Kim Kardashian? Let me count the ways,” was one columnist’s response to this saga, kicking off her column there and continuing as it started.

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