Everything I Should be Learning About Life I Could be Learning from My Houseplants

Spring reminds us of the cycles of life and spirit.

Each week when I water my houseplants, I am surprised by the subtle changes that have taken place in such a short time. Most of my plants started from seeds or cuttings and continue to grow, sometimes despite their environment and caretaker. Pruning and watering are my moving meditation, and I would like to share the life lessons they have taught me.

Be Adaptable

Many of the plants started out in another apartment with much different light and colder indoor winter temperatures. When I first moved into this Brooklyn apartment in the summertime, I had to monitor how they were responding to the available light. Some responded well and others dropped their leaves in protest. Eventually they adjusted in leaf size and color. For the ones that dropped leaves or browned, I trimmed them back and let them start over.

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