Expat Files – 01.01.17

#1- Argentina’s Big Brother state is on the grow again, this time creating a bureaucracy (and in conjunction with USA bureaorats ) to crack down on money and assets that continue to flee Argentina. New December 2106 legislation places Argentine tax collection and worldwide asset seizure on steroids- above and beyond the appalling international FATCA and GATCA banking info exchange treaties started by the USA (that we all have grown to despise).

#2- Ayhauaska update: It’s been about 4 years since the Expat Files did a program dealing with that mystical shamanic stuff. In the meantime it’s become quite an underground phenomena up in the states, or so I gather from the emails that keep trickling on said topic.

#3 –When Gringos throw in the Expat towel. Sad to say, a certain percentage of people who make the move to “Vote With Their Feet” are ultimately unsuccessful with their “Plan B”. Some eventually pack up and head back to Seattle or Cleveland. Why does that occasionally happen?

#4-Gringo business ideas: what’s hot and what’s not

#5- A few words about gonnabees and wannabees hoping to get into the coffee business n Latin America

#6-Announcing the new “Podcast by Phone” feature. You can now listen to the last FIVE Expat Files programs over the phone. The phone number is: 1-701-719-0893

#7- Johnny’s new “Expat Essentials Course” is a blueprint for your Plan B and the next best way to get started without actually coming to Latin America. At www.ExpatPlanB.com see the three video intros to my new “Expat Essentials” course.


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