Expat Files – 01.05.17

#1- Beware of gringos and expats who constantly complain about everything. Yes, you will meet the occasional whiney “time vampire” gringo who craves an audience and then proceeds to suck the energy out of a room. There are expert expat complainers and its in your best interest to avoid them. The trouble is we get all kinds, a large cross section, and they’re not all fun and nice.  Oops! You’re not one of them, are you?
#2- A top 20 list of gringo complaints as presented by long time expat gringos. Today’s “boots on the ground” stories continue in that vein.
#3- Allergy alert!
Why is it that Latin doctors report such a very low incidence of allergies as compared to seemingly highly allergic first-world people? You’d think it be just the opposite. After all, Latins endure a very heavy and prolonged rainy season and thus have very high levels of interior mold and humidity. Worse yet, together with tons of pollen and excessive plant growth, Latins have many many unwashed, un-groomed pets living in very close living quarters. What’s up with that? Oh but there are some interesting theories..
#4- What’s up with all the Latino guards totin’ shotguns? Yes, you see them everywhere, even  in Costco parking lots and on Coca Cola trucks. The questions is, does their presence leave you calm, relieved, worried or neutral? Much depends on where and how long you’ve been living south of the border.   
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