Expat Files – 01.07.18

 #1- The “Gringo Advantage” is alive and well in Latin America.
Meanwhile, the media reports the whole world is souring on Americans as well as our bullying government. What with constant war mongering, regime change tactics, bankrupt monetary policies, etc., its hard to argue with that logic. But we will do so today with a few boots-on-the-ground stories that will re-enforce the fact that in Latin America at least, the “Gringo Advantage” is clearly here to stay.
 #2- What’s with the unbelievable health and stamina of the older Latin American population? However, the phenomena seems to be much more evident in the poor rural areas than in the cities. Seems logical that people who get lots of exercise, don’t drive and live close to the earth live longer and in better health. No surprise there. But the fact is many of the healthy old-timers have never tasted, even heard of, Domino’s Pizza or “Happy Meals”. Even more surprising, many have never been vaccinated. Then again may be that’s not surprising at all.
#3- The recent passing of stiff new banking regulations in Europe has forced loads of cash money to find its way to Latin America.  
#4- Venezuela is trying to save its failed-state and broken monetary system by creating its own cryptocurrency called the Petro. But surprise surprise, it looks like its failing right out of the gate.
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