Expat Files – 02.05.17

#1- The USA is not the only country who wants to build a wall.
Talk of Trump’s proposed border wall has suddenly made it somewhat acceptable for other Latin countries-also plagued by inflows of illegals- to initiate their own such immigration barriers.

#2- Is Colombia to be your permanent Expat “Plan B” destination? Today we have ten new reasons to stay clear. Sure it’s a nice place to visit- with some “perfect spring weather” altiplano regions too – but after this report you’ll probably do well to scratch Colombia off your permanent expat “Plan B” destination list.…

#3- A few words about first, second, third and even fourth world countries.
There’s a lot of confusion with the terms. It’s now considered un-PC to use the terms second, third, and fourth world(but first world is ok). That said, the term “underdeveloped”… which was used for a long while too, is now frowned upon as being demeaning. These days media talking heads are stuck on the term “developing country”.

#4. Tens of thousands of somewhat educated- but gullible- Latins keep falling for so-called “fast track” US and Canadian Visa scams being advertised all over the place . Latins play into the hands of a lot of other slick scammers too… (but not us, right?Hmmm…)

#5- Make a note that Saturday July 8th thru Thursday July 13th 2017 are the dates for my next EXPAT INSIDER SEMINAR. Get on the early-bird mailing list by sending an email to: theexpatfiles@gmail.com

#6- Johnny’s new “Expat Essentials Course” is a blueprint for your “Plan B”. The best way kick-start your qwn plan before coming to Latin America. See the three video intros to the “Expat Essentials” course at www.ExpatPlanB.com

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