Expat Files – 02.16.18

Descriptions- EXPAT FILES SHOW #734- FRI, FEB 16- (02-16-2018):
#1- The gringo “sucker” setup:
A short primer on how some fresh new gringo expats literally set themselves up to be gouged and/or ripped off.
#2- A few words about so- called Latin “Helicopter” Schools
If you recall, they’re high-end private k-12 schools that generally have a few real USA trained gringo teachers (a typical low-paying but enjoyable, fall back gringo employment opportunity). Did you know that many of these schools are not just 100% bi-lingual but 100% tri-lingual?
#3- Given that by our standards most Latins are quite poor and less educated, and for some of us expats and gringos it’s a special conundrum as to why so many Latin grade school kids are still so very polite, civil and respectful of other people and their property. You might assume it should be just the opposite….
#4- Latinos have a high school drop-out rate that’s severe, and there’s an epidemic of illiteracy and semi-literacy in older Latin adults
#5 –BEWARE of cocky gringo and expat know-it-alls. They’re a dime a dozen on the gringo tourist trail. Yes, the show can be amusing but….  
#6- Captain Mango gets snookered by another crazy Latin superstition,
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