Expat Files – 02.19.16

Latin Americans and “customer service”:

Latin businesses have customer service desks, departments and more than ample personnel manning them. Workers and customer service reps will nearly always attend you with sincerity and a smile. However there is a huge “lag time” difference between what kind of help and final results you might get down here and the sort of resolutions you come to expect to when dealing with customer service problems up in the states.

The question is: What would you prefer?… #1-Happy smiley Latin attendants who are truly sorry about your complaints but never seem to solve problems to your satisfaction… or #2-Would you rather gets results and deal with a cranky, snippy, stateside person who absolutely hates his/her job?

-Captain Mango chimes in on GMO’s and BT crops in Latin America: Having been an unwitting (or witting?) BT insecticide spreader in his past life, Captain Mango gives all of us who are trying to be non-GMO “Organic” eaters a bit of toxic info to chew on…

-Whether its Gringos trying to learn Spanish in the states, or Latins trying to learn English in Latin America, there are a new breed of net-based corporate hucksters laying out juicy bait and promises trying to hook you and your dough.

-Today we talk about how to find a good, cheap, knowledgeable bilingual tour guide in whatever Latin country or city you wish to visit. Most gringos planning such a trip try to do it by searching “tour guides” on the net and soon find it’s like throwing a dart at the yellow pages (yes, they still print them down here) and you’ll get stuck with “gringo prices” too.

-More “Gringo Advantage” stories from “boots on the ground” travelers…

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