Expat Files – 03.10.17

#1- Franchise Business opportunities in Latin America. What gringos and expats first need to consider

#2- Lets talk about Latin American “niche” business ideas

#3-Environmental impact studies are suddenly all the rage in Latin America. With predictable lag time they have arrived. Result? Corrupt Latin govts see it as an acceptable “green” way to gouge developers, top off govt coffers and skim as usual. The question is, will you need an EIS if you plan on building and if so what can you expect? Here’s the scoop..

#4- Life, Death and Happiness in Latin America.

#5-Finding a good Latin building contractor for your basic brick and mortar projects can be an easy and simple task- or not. Today we have two “boots on the ground” stories and some important tips regarding the do’s and don’ts.

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