Expat Files – 03.17.17

#1- The potable and tap-water situation in Latin America: Yes, you will need to do some water homework before renting, building or buying. If at all possible do avoid buying or renting places that are hooked up to a municipal water supply. Always choose a place with a private well if you can. However, suppose you find an absolutely spectacular Spanish Colonial gem of a place with a muni-water hookup. Should you bail on the deal because of the muni water hookup? Well, there are ways around annoying problems that seem to accompany nearly all Latin city municipal water hookups- like the fact their might only be water flowing for 8 or 12 hours a day. Today we’ll explore the problems and solutions …

#2- Still more things you should expect to experience when living in a gated/guarded community

#3-Up and coming Latins are extremely proud of their achievements and love to put on airs. In doing so they often bite off more than they can chew, stretch their credit to the limit and take loans for things to impress friends, neighbors and relatives. But strange things can happen when things go south…

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