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Expat Files – 03.22.15

An update on the Latin real estate bubble… it just keeps getting bigger. Every middle and upper-middle class Latin’s dream is to buy or build a new house in the “burbs”. Doesn’t that sound like a line from your grandparent’s book? By the way, living in the “burbs” is just one of the latest middle and upper-middle class Latin measures of success. That means with Latins, the “living in the burbs thing” has a lag time of only about 40 years!   
The muddy truth about getting and keeping liquor licenses in Latin America. If your dream is to have a typical brick and mortar business; a bar, restaurant, hotel, or bed and breakfast… you’ll need a liquor license. With all licenses, as with most things in Latin America, there are two different and very flexible standards. There’s one standard when “on” the tourist trail and a very much more relaxed standard when “off” that trail.     
-There happens to be a severe bathtub shortage in most all Latin American households. Actually it’s more like a bathtub dilemma. So how’d that happen? The subject has always been a bit complicated and it’s not generally about the money either.
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