Latin America

Expat Files – 03.27.15

-Timely tips on dealing with (non-medical) Latin professionals like lawyers, architects, accountants, engineers, bookkeepers

-There are many ways to find a very good first-world trained medical doctor or dentist in Latin America. And one of the easiest fastest and very best ways to go about it is to come down to an Expat wisdom seminar. I mention this because a good percentage of my past seminar attendees had made me aware (before they came down) that they’d like to somehow work in an appointment to see an English speaking dentist, physician or specialist for either a workup, second opinion, or treatment plan. Of course I know some of the best medical people and can easily make the proper introductions for first-world care at 3rd world prices. I’m not referring to so-called organized medical tourism- Costa Rica or Mexico style- that seems to be the latest gringo tourist-trail racket. Though it can be a good alternative to outrageously expensive USA care, it’s also loaded with pitfalls. Bottom line: it’s definitely preferable to get your Latin medical/dental references and recommendations from long-term Expats. Unfortunately, searching the net for medical tourism ads, talking to tipsy gringos in expat bars, and throwing darts at the Latin yellow pages are not very reliable ways to locate good, inexpensive high-level healthcare providers.

LATIN AMERICAN SEMINAR NOTICE: Make your plans now for the next Latin American Expat Wisdom seminar (and get in on the early-bird discount). Just go to the main page and click on the Latin Seminar link for full details. The seminar will take place from Saturday, July 11th through Thursday July 16th, 2015.

-SCHEDULING A PHONE OR SKYPE CONSULT WITH JOHNNY: Follow the consult link on the main page at to sort your plans, thoughts and ideas on living, working, playing, doing business and/or retiring in Latin America.

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