Expat Files – 03.29.15

-When off the gringo tourist trail, one can’t help but notice the truly positive attitude Latin American doctors have toward not only their work, but their patients too. They actually seem to like the job (how refreshing is that?) In fact, any time you want to speak with a Latin doctor you need only show up at his/her office, hospital or clinic- no appointment necessary. Even if you’re not a patient, almost all Latin doctors will make the time and the effort to talk to you personally… especially if you’re a gringo. No clock watching or bum’s rush with them- they’ll do it with a smile. Yup, just like the docs up in Cleveland, right?
-Today, some very good reasons why you might not want to become a permanent expat in either Chile or Colombia. They’re nice places to visit but you wouldn’t want to live there. You’ll be quite surprised and disappointed to hear why.

-More on those big Latin Produce markets
To be organic, or not to be organic… that is the question!
Expats concerned about health issues want to know if all that great fresh produce they see at those huge Latin outdoor markets is organic or tainted with inorganic fertilizers and/or pesticides. Good question…

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