Expat Files – 04.10.15

Today we hear from two different ER trauma doctors:  one who works in a busy, standing room only, free PUBLIC government crapola hospital (I won’t describe the smell)…. and another doctor who works the ER at a PRIVATE, 1st world style hospital where 18 of the twenty seats in that pristine ER waiting area are routinely empty! 
-You’ll never guess the top 10 reasons why Latins walk (or crawl) in to their own hospital ER’s. They’ve slightly different list of routine problems and symptoms than first world US doctors are used to treating at common ER’s up in Davenport or Cleveland.
-Unfortunately, Latin doctors get to see many of the sad, first-hand effects of spousal abuse. Today we hear a Latin doctor’s take on what he sees as a sick societal problem that cuts through all social barriers. He often tries to offer suggestions to women patients who suffer that fate. But to leave a Latin husband is much more difficult (and complicated) in a macho society than it is up in the states.
-Hear an Expat gringa’s take on her own jealous Latin husband’s macho habits… and how, since her marriage, she caught him spying on her at the local gym.            
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