Expat Files – 04.14.17

#1- Today we discuss another of the many media lists proposing the so called, most dangerous cities in the world. Once again most all of the cities are located in Latin America. Lets go through the list and check it out…

#2-Venezuela is the only country in Latin America where the general population is getting skinnier, more physically fit (and angrier) by the week. These days even the have-not Cubans are starting to fill out a bit. But meanwhile, Venezuelan govt slugs keep getting fatter and more abusive as we will see with today’s “boots on the ground” story direct from Caracas.

#3-Counterfeit dough in Latin America. Yep, it’s out there alright and you’re sure to get some. Should you be worried?

#4-Every average young Latina lady has a basic wish list and today we’ll discuss Latin ladies and their worldly desires. We all know the old saying “be careful what you wish for”. Well fortunately that warning doesn’t necessarily apply here since most Latinas only want what a normal person really deserves in life. Generally their wants are simple and they’re not greedy.

#5- The strange and wonderful world of descriptively crude Spanish slang

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