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Expat Files – 05.08.15

-Tips on packing and protecting your prescription drugs, vitamins and supplements. What to keep in mind when packing for trips to and from Latin America 
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-Now for a disturbing recent eyewitness in-your-face report on drones and chem-trails in Coast Rica and Mexico.
-Having invested in some “dud” Latin deals over the years myself, I’m very tuned in to the fact that there are many Latin business and so-called pure investment opportunities that seem to be specifically aimed at gringos. Note they’re not necessarily scams- but let’s just say are often way too optimistic from the get go. Latins are nothing if not overly optimistic about everything- including life itself! Why then you might ask, are the majority of these “fantastic” linited time only, land, agricultural, real estate and/or mining investments, etc., etc., most specifically aimed at gringos and yet they’re rarely advertised or targeted to the Latin public in the Spanish language media? Easy, because gringos are gullible and easy to sell. We come ambling south of the border with rose-colored glasses and often an urge to invest in what’s touted as a tropical paradise in a strong growth phase. True, we often have the available dough to invest… and if we lose a few grand, it’s not the end of the world to us or lifestyles. Not to mention, if the thing goes sour, we’re generally back in Cleveland some 2000 miles away and can’t do anything about it. Don’t forget, most gringos can’t speak Spanish well enough to start an action against the principals, whoever they are. Oh and did I mention that most Latin court cases can take years to settle and judgments are often never satisfied even when awarded? Sure, there are great investment deals down here but just be careful.       
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