Expat Files – 05.15.15

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-Some Latins, especially upscale Latins, don’t like the term “3rd world”. They much prefer the more PC term “developing nation”. In fact, to call someone a “trecer mundista” (a 3rd worlder) south of the border can be a harsh insult to some of the more sensitive educated Latins- though its often mouthed by Latin bosses to employees who have made errors on the job or have done something the chief bottle washer considers stupid. Use the 3rd world thing at your own risk…
Latin Employees, their work ethic and what expats can expect from them as employers:
Expats, wannabees and gonnabees are always hiring Latin employees. You probably will too- and your first hiring experience almost always begins with a cleaning lady, gardener or maintenance man. There are certain cultural things you should know in general about your new employees before you get mad, angry, disappointed or even blow up at them. Yes, impatient, wound-up, “type A” gringos (used to certain standards and often cracking the whip on the job back in the states) have been known to boil and rage at some of the work habits of their Latin employees. Nope, it doesn’t have to be that way. Just knowing and understanding a few subtle and not so subtle Latin social and cultural differences can make all the difference. The key words are train, monitor and adapt… 
-What about Latin professionals and their work ethic? Here’s the skinny on that often sore subject…
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