Expat Files – 05.17.15

– On the other side of the globe, the Philippine islands have the closest thing to a Latin American culture. They were once conquered and colonized by Spain so they have many of the same traditions… with some important differences…  
-When you come to Latin America, for all of you who enjoy walking and exploring, note that there are different categories of “safe”. For example there are, #1, safe places to walk through day and night, #2 safe places to walk in the daytime only (questionable at night), #3 places that are considered unsafe to walk in both day and night. Then there’s the question- what if you’re walking alone or with two or more in your group?  
-In Latin America the cars and trucks do not respect pedestrians at all. That’s why so many thousands of peopel on foot are killed or maimed with impunity each year. You also know for many reasons the chicken buses and most other public transportation methods are not recommended. Today we’ll be mentioning another generally unsafe place you don’t want to walk on, or through. Its called a “paserela” (pedestrian bridge or catwalk). There are many such useful but ugly monstrosities in every Latin city. They’re constructed to allow pedestrians to safely cross over large heavily traveled highways ,yet ironically sometimes it’s much safer to just take your chances and dodge the cars. You’ll hear why…
Fresh new expats are always intimidated when they first get behind the wheel in Latin America. Though, after a few months one does inevitably get used to the organized chaos of it all since the traffic does sort of move along in its own meandering way. But note, soon enough you’ll be bending and breaking a lot of traffic laws you’d never dreamed of flaunting back in Cleveland. Sometimes following the crazy moves of the guy in front of you is the only way to go with the flow. If you want to prevent a hemorrhoid flare-up you must adapt and be flexible. Besides, cops almost never ticket for moving violations… not to mention, most cops actually like gringos and just love to BS with you about Miami and Disneyland when you break a traffic law.    
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