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Expat Files – 05.22.15

– If you live in Latin America long enough and as your Spanish skills improve, soon enough you’ll start to understand there’s a very odd subservient classist relationship between Latin Americans and their so called “mother-country” Spain.  Do remember that it was the Spanish conquistadors that came over to rape, pillage, kill pagan priests and extract gold and silver at any cost. And do remember that, most of today’s present Latin Americans have a high percentage of the local indigenous blood (unlike the long term residents in the USA and Canada) …. which is why the majority of Latins are short and brown- not white and tall like their Spanish conquerors. In short, real Spaniards fro Europe believe their Latin cousins to be lower-class rabble who will never pull themselves from the muck they have created.   
-So many stateside people with limited finances are now facing the terrible prospect of sending off a stricken loved one to some stinky, depressing state run nursing home. Latin America provides an infinitely better, vastly more humane and much much less expensive alternative. The solution is easy, just rent an apartment in a decent area and hire a full time live-in nurse. But how does one go about it? Can the arrangements be done by long distance? Today we have some news from a gringo in the states who is managing a loved one in that situation. He has already begun the first step in the process- which is finding the proper nurse in Latin America …        
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