Expat Files – 06.03.16

#1- Lost in translation- some common and peculiar problems all Expats have when trying to communicate with Spanish speakers

#2– Latin America is now starting to experience that same familiar first- world problem: electronic device mania and social media overload.

#3- Regarding the battle of the sexes in Latin America: the women are closing the gap but still far behind.

#4- In Latin America its easy to maintain a low profile and shrink your social media footprint, but you must start planning for that eventuality as soon as you arrive.

#5-A seasonal head’s up on those creepy things that crawl, wriggle and fly in the night (and day).

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Held in and around Guatemala, Central America- “off the Gringo tourist trail”, Saturday July 9th thru Thursday July 14th. Click the link on top of the main-page or email: or, or click on the link below (or paste it in your browser)

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