Expat Files – 06.12.15

A few pointed gringo/expat stories of how they’ve been ripped off or gouged by their own Latin lawyers. Sometimes clueless gringo schmucks never find out they’ve been scammed and sometimes they do, but only when they try to sell or mortgage that little piece of paradise.
-Did you know that many Latin country land border crossings (the ones out in the boonies) allow the local foot traffic to cross back and forth –from country to country- without a passport, ID card or even a second look from the guards or immigration control?     
-A new hi-tech scam comes to Latin America, and it’s just starting to affect the local import/export business community. Here’s the story of a long term Expat gringo who got snared in the trap…. with a surprise ending!  
-Three easy steps you can perform to make your computer and your web searches virtually data collection proof. How to vastly minimize outside tracking and hacking of your searches as well as sharing and stealing of your personal online data      
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