Expat Files – 06.26.15

-Chinese autos have invaded Latin America. Though they look like the usual high end common models you’re familiar with(clones of Toyota, Honda even Range Rover) and seem very nicely appointed in auto showrooms and good enough in test drives, don’t fall for the low prices and the hype… there’s trouble ahead.
-The case for buying non-original (clone) replacement parts versus so called original factory replacement parts for your car while down in Latin America
-The news has gone viral in Latin America that under a new law, starting Jan 2015, California has given out 350,000 drivers licenses to illegal aliens. The reaction down here in Latin America is more than noteworthy. The news has lit a fire under millions of poor uneducated Latins with no skills and some very bad habits. Millions more conservative Latins are now packing for a move “gringolandia”. Now many think they’ll have a sort of legal safety net that will lead to the free benefits that so many down here have been hearing about. 
-Just when you thought you heard everything today we have another story pathetic but true yet so obviously stupid that it underlines just how unrealistic and pigheaded people can be especially those who desperately want their 15 minutes of fame. Wonder if anything like this could happen up in the states? Probably!     
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