Expat Files – 07.03.16

Descriptions for The ExPat Files Show #575

#1- Part 2 of the Mating, Dating, Love and Romance scene in Latin America: Today we hear relationship testimonies from boots on the ground Gringo and Gringa Expats chiming in on their mating and dating experiences in Colombia and Brazil. You’ll be amused and surprised at what they say about Colombian men and women. As the recorded voice on the London tube platform monotonously proclaims, “mind the gap”,…. well in this case it’s the “cultural” gap we have to mind.

#2-What’s Colombia really like for Expat living? You hear all the big Expat blogs, newsletters and rags push it as the ultimate paradise – like they once pushed Costa Rica and Panama. Today we hear Colombia explained honestly and without hype by long time Expats with years of boots on the ground. They’ve seen and lived the good… and are now lamenting that the bad the ugly have arrived (sex tourism and hoards of partying gringos).

#3-Colombia is becoming Latin America’s premier “Big Brother” tax and spend state: Here’s an eye witness account as to why so many new business startups are doomed in Colombia. If you have a USD dollar income you will be more than OK, but if your livelihood depends on starting a new business- and getting paid in Colombian Pesos(they lost 33% buying power in the last year). Good luck with that! And its gonna bet worse…

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Held in and around Guatemala, Central America- “off the Gringo tourist trail”, Saturday July 9th thru Thursday July 14th. Click the link on top of the main-page or email: or, or click on the link below (or paste it in your browser)

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