Expat Files – 07.07.17

#1- Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini- all infamous and despicable names from the past, right? Well not necessarily for citizens of South America. Those names and faces don’t always carry the negative images as we might expect. In fact some actually name their kids after these guys. Why? In part because Argentina’s Eva Peron and her husband Juan (presidents from 1946 and beyond) allowed Argentina to became a post war haven for over 10,000 Nazi war criminals, with explicit protection from Perón, as long as they brought along investments, gold and dough.
#2- The Latin “Anchor Baby” phenomena in reverse? Are kids born to US citizens in Latin countries awarded immediate and permanent citizenship there- as is the case with so called “Anchor Babies” born on US soil? In most cases yes, but with a few exceptions. Here are the details..  
#3-Changing your name legally in Latin America. Can it be done?
#4-Like it or not, eventually there will be an EMP attack or solar mass ejection raining down on the states. How will such catastrophic events affect people and electronic devices in Latin America? Here’s the scoop…
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