Expat Files – 07.12.15

-More of the latest updates on certain Latin permanent residency programs for Expats. Note that very soon residency application requirements will be getting tougher. That means you’d better get on the stick and start making plans.     
-Today we have another absolutely true, but very sad story, coming from a disjointed middle-class Latin American family with some members living up in the USA illegally. These situations non-Spanish speaking gringos rarely get a chance to see, much less experience or understand. Get ready for some weighty messages…
-Now some facts that single gringas looking for love and romance in Latin America should know, including a scathing morality tale or two…           
-Lately Donald Trump seems to show up in every Latin news outlet on the hour. While Latins continuously dump on him, Latin media hacks are showing they are blatant hypocrites with one track minds. It’s not as much about Trump bruising the collective Mexican ego as much as the fact that Latins see Trump as a threat and a barrier to their easy and unrestricted entry into the US. They want an open border to grab their piece of the (non-existent) “American Dream” and are absolutely terrified what Trump will do if he gets into office (he hasn’t a chance anyhow)

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