Expat Files – 07.17.15

-Venezuela’s economy and currency, the Bolivar, are so out of control that the grey-market street exchange rate for dollars is now 50 times the official bank rate. With the “official” yearly inflation rate now pegged at 68%, the real number for basic goods is more like 500%. Meanwhile Chinese “saviors” have shown up. They are stealthily buying up everything they can (for dollars of course), picking up dying businesses, land and buildings at the ultra-fire sale of a lifetime.     
– All Latin American countries have quite a diversity of foreign ethnic groups. That said, what are the numbers, demographics, economic and social status of minority immigrant groups like Muslims, Asians, and Jews? Do they assimilate or stick out? Do they get along? The facts will surprise you.
-Bitcoin is on the rise again. It seems every time a country’s economy takes a sudden dump like Greece just did, BC takes a jump. While every time a government tries to regulate or ban BC it predictably takes a dive. Nevertheless, BC still remains one of the few slick ways to move your money around anonymously… provided you take the right steps and plan ahead.       
-We finish off today with some irate and wickedly clever emails      
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