Expat Files – 07.28.17

#1- Pollution in Latin Cities. How bad is it and what are governments and locals people doing about it, if anything.
#2- More good reasons why its not a good idea to live in a medium to large sized Latin city (or in any big US city for that matter).
#3-Latin America has a continuous baby boom that’s mostly confined to the poor and lower income classes.
So then where do all of these under-educated babies go when they come of age? A large portion sneak in to the US as illegals to chase down the “Sueno Americano” and the riches of the US minimum wage and generous welfare benefits they have heard about. Another large portion of the young people migrate to the big Latin cities to escape the drudgery and low pay of agricultural work(they want McDonald’s and cell phones too)
#4- Latin men the worst litterbugs in the world. Latin women seem to know better, but what the hell is wrong with their men?
#5- New “Amigo” beer is a hit and making a huge splash in Mexico. Why?because Donald trump is the sombrero-wearing mascot on the label.
#6 -Breaking traffic laws in Latin America is a national sport. Still, most Latins don’t even know they are breaking  laws since they see cops and govt slugs run red lights, pass on curves and do tricky street maneuvers with regularity
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