Expat Files – 07.30.17

#1- Land border crossing chaos. Land border bathroom blues. Johnny’s latest “boots on the ground” story

#2- More examples of Latin upper-class racism/classism among upscale gringo copycats and first-world wannabees.

#3- When so called type “A” Gringos and Expats come down (the shakers and movers) they often need to be the big fish in a small pond once again. Many overconfident gringos take on too much at first, they roll too fast especially when they know a bit of Spanish. They tend to follow their own lead and don’t listen to good advice, sometimes getting taken in by scammers and schemers in the process.

#4- Today a few nasty words about the massive Latin America credit card bubble

#5- Latin Banks and employers (that is the employers on the books) are pushing hard to get the population to switch from cash to credit and plastic. In some Latin countries half of the population already have credit or debit cards. Yet the vast majority of low and middle-class workers don’t use their plastic to purchase things (as the banks would love them to do) , instead they prefer to use them to just take their dough out of the ATMs and spend the cash. “Viva America Latina!”

#6- Johnny’s next Latin American “Expat Insider Seminar” will likely  take place in early January 2018. If you are interested in attending the week-long event just send an email to theexpatfiles@gmail.com for more info and details.

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