Expat Files – 07.31.15

-A few words about those strange and sometimes wonderful middle-class Latin yard parties and celebrations because you’ll be invited to attend these events now and again(maybe way too often).
-Prepare and get your earplugs ready for the rockets and fireworks when your neighbors have their weekend events and parties. Sometimes those things can get very loud and go well into night. Tip: lock your guns in the cabinet… unloaded.
-Today Expat Eddie graces us with another bizarre, “it can only happen in Latin America” story. This time he relates how when stuck at a party somewhere in El Salvador the subject at hand was Donald Trump. This time Eddie was in the spotlight. Everyone wanted to hear his take on Trump, who they see as the evil devil/destroyer of the “American dream”.         
-DYK: in so-called Latin “man on the street” interviews the top #3 America names that come up in the minds of the Latin public areObama, Trump and Kim Kardashian (and they say the US public is dumbed down!)   
-First world “lag time effect” is alive and well. Even though 90% of the time that effect adds to our “Gringo advantage”, sometimes it can backfire badly when Latin “gringo wannabees” try to embrace it.
-Just like up in the states, some upscale Latin mothers are convinced their pre-school and grade school kids are gifted “geniuses” so they stupidly post every new word and burp on Facebook for posterity (sound familiar?)   
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