Expat Files – 09.04.16

#1- Stealing electric power has always been a Latin pastime, especially in chaotic big city neighborhoods and smaller towns in the countryside. How do they do it? How do they get away with it? Yes, some Gringos and Expats do it too. Here’s the skinny and a true “boots on the ground” story that tells all about it..

#2- Latin ladies have a fascination with stiletto high heels… and with what Expats and Gringos might call seriously overdressing for any given occasion.  It doesn’t matter that many roads and sidewalks are rough cobblestones that are treacherous and in bad shape. To the ladies, the thought of appearing sexy, tall and in the game seems worth the gamble.

#3- Can you guess the # 1 cause of Latin Hospital emergency room admissions? If you said gunshot wounds or leg injuries due to ladies in stiletto high heels you’d be wrong. You’ll never guess…

#6-Consult with Johnny- Schedule a cell or Skype call: Set up a time to talk and I’ll help you sort out your own specific Latin American “PLAN- B”. Just write “CONSULT” in the subject line with a short list of questions/talking points to: theexpatfiles@gmail.com

#7- Johnny’s next (and perhaps final) “Expat Insider” Plan ‘B’ Seminar will take place on Saturday, January 7th thru Thursday, January 12th , 2017. To get in on the Early-bird list email: theexpatfiles@gmail.com
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